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Fire Damage Restoration

House fires happen more often than most people think. The A1 Restoration team can assist in cleaning up after the fire and help you move back into the property sooner. Specializing in fire damage restoration services and after-fire clean-ups, the A1 Restoration team is here to support you. Our cleaning process focuses on both cleaning and odour control.

We are equipped with ULV foggers, ozone and hydroxyl generators to eliminate the smoke and fire odours. We use a range of specialised chemicals designed for the most effective fire damage cleaning. We are also equipped with the most advanced industrial air purifiers to remove smoke and soot contaminants from the air.

Our technicians use modern Prochem truck-mounted extraction and cleaning equipment to clean and restore fire-damaged properties along with meticulous cleaning. We have an eye for detail and we take a lot of pride in our abilities to successfully restore properties other companies find difficult.

Our processes include removing all affected non-restorable building and content items from the property. Thoroughly clean all restorable surfaces. Eliminate odours using odour control and air purification equipment. We can also assist in packing and removing content items from the property, content storage and content restoration.

We are experienced, equipped and available to help with the unfortunate event of after-fire cleaning. Call our team for free quote for fire restoration services and smoke damage restoration.

A1 Restoration is experienced and equipped for the restoration of most content items. Most property restoration work includes some level of content restoration work. Our content restoration services are as below.

  • Packing and removing content items
  • Content storage
  • Content restoration
  • Rug restoration
  • Test and Tag of electrical appliances
  • Mattress cleaning and restoration
  • White goods cleaning and odour removal
  • Furniture restoration
  • Curtain cleaning and restoration
  • preparing inventory/ list of affected materials
  • Rubbish Removal and disposal of non-restorable content items.
  • Re-instating contents after completing building repairs.
We understand the importance of content restoration, our experienced team can handle all sizes of content restoration work from a variety of claims including mould and fire damage. Our experienced cleaners handle all your content items with the love and respect they deserve.

We provide free quotes for all content restoration and content storage needs. Please send enquiries to